Meet the incredibly cool Dhruv Kapoor from New Delhi, who effortlessly struts the fine line between fantasy and reality, blending sci-fi, film, and fashion into a mesmerizing concoction. His latest creation, Fantasms, delves into the enchanting realm of 1970s sci-fi, with prints that sprawl across generously sized uniforms. Imagine monogrammed tongues, hands, and eyes, weaving a story that's both mysterious and stylish.

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Dhruv Kapoor's collection doesn't just stop at fashion – it's a journey that redefines traditional gender norms. Through a perfect fusion of masculine and feminine elements, he crafts comfortable silhouettes infused with a touch of DIY charm. Curious to see how Extra Butter India showcased this groundbreaking collection? They not only stuck to the enchanting theme but also threw in some street-smart elements, paying homage to the roots of Extra Butter. Dive into the world of Dhruv Kapoor and witness the magic unfold!