Extra Butter↗ Extra Butter x Cricket Unisex Maroon Tee

Rs. 4,500
☞ All our products are in India. Prices include all taxes and shipping. Customers can expect to receive their order within 3-5 working days. Extra Butter is a New York retail brand that recently opened its first door in India. We thank you for your support!


  • Maroon Colour Tees
  • Front- HD screen printing Back- Screen Printing
  • French Terry
  • Cotton Fabric
  • SKU: EBA10020

Introducing Extra Butter FW '23 Drop 1 'Cableknit'. In celebration of India hosting the Cricket World Cup, Extra Butter draws inspiration from the rich sporting heritage of Cricket. A gentleman’s game of dignity, we honour the classic cableknit motif and its influence on luxury fashion and sophisticated style. This cut & sew drop compliments the limited edition adidas X Extra Butter SC Premiere private label, in gender-neutral offering.