Extra Butter x Bombay SB

Extra Butter Unveils Skatepark In Partnership With Bombay Sb, The Og Skate Crew From Mumbai

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Culture brings people together and skateboarding is a great example of that. To celebrate Go Skate Day on June 21, 2023, EB brought to life the Extra Butter Skate Park, an interactive hub for the skateboarding community in Hindmata, Dadar. Built in collaboration with Bombay SB, an urban skateboarding community, promoting skate culture in the region, and graffiti artist, rapper, tattoo artist and art toy designer Zake, the inclusive space embodies the spirit of collaboration, art, and culture. 

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The unique space is an extension of the subculture of skateboarding in India that has been gaining momentum over the past few years and this latest installment by EB with Bombay SB, marks the former's continued commitment to building communities, and providing exceptional experiences. 

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